The Artist LAuren Pollaro in her studio

I feel fortunate that I have found a way to make art my occupation as it has always been a part of my life. Perhaps this allows me to recognize and welcome what inspires me.  All of my work is inspired by color. Color evokes a reaction, can be mood altering and brings vitality to my pieces. Inspiration is also drawn from creating work with materials that are unexpected and not typically used for making art. I find it satisfying to harmonize the chaos of so many disparate materials and options. I first surprise myself with certain combinations and discoveries and then it is my intent to take the viewer on a visual journey. I believe there is so much to see upon close observation of most anything. I hope for the viewer and/or wearer to make continual discoveries in my work and to feel a pleasing connection with my pieces.

The pieces, whether jewelry or wall sculpture, often start with a single element that sparks an idea. I then layer, build and experiment. By manipulating my materials I create depth, dimension, spatial relationships and color combinations that speak to me. The compositions are abstract but may suggest something familiar such as a landscape or architecture. My design and color sense is intuitive and the process is spontaneous.

My work is a fusion of many interests, materials and techniques so I need to be aware of the various possibilities at hand in my studio. I am usually surrounded by joyful clutter as I work, hopefully grabbing just what I need to complete a composition. The tabletops, shelves and drawers are bountiful and serve as my palette. My eclectic selection of materials includes precious metal, rusty metal, enamels, paints, papers, fabrics, wood, wax, plaster, beads and collections of found objects just to name a few.

LAuren Pollaro in her studioBackground:
Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1962, I come from a family of accomplished artists. I earned  my degree in Fine Art from the University of New Hampshire and soon after graduating became involved in the graphic arts as an art director for several magazines. I have been working as a jewelry artist for over twenty years, evolving to include wall sculpture in the past ten years. During that time I have honed my technical skills and  fulfilled interests in new techniques through courses and workshops. I have been honored with numerous gallery exhibitions, museum representation and awards of merit. My work has been featured in publications such as  Jewelry Artist Magazine, Artscope Magazine, New England Crafts Connoisseur, Art New England  and the Boston Globe.